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Don't Fall Victim to a Security Breach

As much as mobile applications have proven to be a pervasive part of everyday life, the rise of this technology has, of course, been plagued by issues of its own, namely those involving the risks of a potential security breach. Because consumers are increasingly comfortable with inputting sensitive information on their smartphones and tablets, such devices are prime targets for those wishing to exploit any lingering vulnerabilities within the programming of these apps. As developers, it’s your responsibility to guard against these attacks. So let’s review some of the key concepts to help you prevent your app from being the next on the hacker hit list.

10 Tips to Help You Prevail as an Independent App Developer

It’s hard out here for an independent app developer. Yes, apps are perhaps more mainstream than ever before, and one might assume that this means a more lucrative future for those who dare to go it alone. While not everyone in the industry believes it’s prudent to remain unattached to the corporate side of the industry, you may yet have a fighting chance for your passion project to take off like you’d always dreamed. If you are vying to remain firmly independent in your app-developing endeavors, here are some tips you should keep on the top of your mind.

Yahoo Involved in One of The Largest Cyber Security Breaches of All Time

Yahoo recently notified its members that their system had been hacked sometime in the past two years and warned them to take certain precautions to protect their data. While it is apparent that the company has actually known about the hack for sometime now, this is the third time that Yahoo has reported an attack on their security system in the past year.

Is There Really a Software That Will Secure my Mobile Application?

Over 600 million people using smartphones are unaware of the fact that they are at an extremely high risk of being hacked. Their risk is greatly due to the fact that they have apps on their phones that allow an unlimited amount of login attempts. It doesn’t take very long for a hacker to guess a person’s password, and once they do they have access to everything that was so trustingly placed into a place that was supposed to be personal private property. How is one to know that the app they are using isn’t safe to use? Or better yet, maybe you have built your own app.

6 Simple Steps to Make Yourself Hack-Proof

Clichés exist for a reason. Nowhere is this more true than in the admonition that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Sure, you could do damage control after a hack. But why would you want to? With criminals across the globe doggedly attempting to hack everything from free apps to government bodies, a hack is a near inevitability if you don’t take aggressive security precautions. You can hack-proof your business, thereby avoiding the miseries of a hacking scandal. Here’s what you need to know for a blissfully hack-proof existence.

Our Pick of The Most Embarrassing 'Hacking' Scenes on TV

If you believe Hollywood, hacking is basically magic. Press a button, say a few magic words about binary code, and watch money flow into your bank account, nuclear weapons launch, or personal information become readily available.

Thinking of Developing a Mobile App? Here's What You Need To Be Aware Of

Stories of app developers who went from rags to riches working in their parents’ garage are enough to inspire anyone to develop an app. But app development isn’t as easy as it seems, and it’s certainly not for the faint of heart. The app development part is the simplest step in the process. Everything that comes after can prove quite challenging. Mobile app security is one of the most important factors to consider. It’s also one of the most challenging issues to manage.

10 Mobile App Development Companies That You've Never Heard Of

Your good reputation is your most valuable business asset -- or is it? Sometimes the best way to succeed is to stay out of the public eye while quietly doing quality work. Mobile app development companies aren’t all famous, even when they’re turning a tiny profit. So if you think you need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing, think again. Some of the best mobile app development companies are businesses you’ve never heard of.

8 Mobile Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Life as a developer is full of hiccups. The bumps in the road extend far beyond your work life, too. Weird hours, pressure to quickly create a product, and financial uncertainty can wreak havoc on your family, your health, and your financial bottom line.

What is a Cyber Breach?

A cyber breach, sometimes called a data breach, has the power to quickly throw your business -- and possibly your life -- into disarray. In most cases, you won’t even know that a data breach has occurred until your customers are already at risk.

It's Time to Test Your Mobile App Security

There is a lot of sensitive information that is being handled with mobile apps these days. Whether you are an individual who does all of your check deposits and banking through your phone or you run a large company with it’s own app, the data being handled is not something you can afford to leave unprotected.

How to Hack a Mobile App: It’s Pretty Simple

Our world is ruled by our mobile devices. The most successful businesses have found out how to tap into today’s app network and noticed the effects it has on their customer relations and overall profit. Because of this, hacking has become much more popular and an even larger concern.

Best Anti Hacking Software to Secure Your Mobile App

For anyone working in the tech space, there’s little doubt that mobile applications are here to stay. The convenience and modest prices of most apps make them an easy way for consumers to engage with the businesses they love and to enrich their lives with fun, entertaining or useful tools they can add to their technological arsenal.

5 Ways Mobile App Hacks Can Ruin Your Business

In an increasingly competitive mobile app development landscape, most developers’ first priority is getting apps to the customer as soon as possible. This quick roll out may drum up early interest and rapid sales, but can haunt you in the long-term. Mobile app hacks ruin businesses, destroy reputations, and could even land you in legal trouble.

Mobile App Security: How To Tell If Your App Is In The Clear

In just the past few years, the use of mobile apps has seemingly infiltrated every aspect of our daily life. No matter what a consumer is looking to do on their always-handy smartphone or tablet, several different mobile apps are probably already on the market that specialize in fulfilling that very specific need.

Easy Android Binary Protection Methods

The fact that so much these days centers on technology is both a gift and a curse. While modern comforts like the internet and smartphones make life far easier and more convenient than ever before, they also open up a whole new arena of threats that need to be accounted for, especially when it comes to the ever-popular world of mobile apps.

How Often Are Mobile Apps Hacked?

Mobile apps are hacked on a near-constant basis. Somewhere right now, someone is attempting to hack one of your apps. Someone else has already hacked an app or two. And thousands of app users are learning that their data has been compromised. Mobile app hacks can be costly to your business and pose significant inconveniences. They can also place your customers in danger.

The Biggest Security Dangers For Mobile App Developers

Mobile app developers face an increasingly challenging development environment. Not only are there more apps than ever to compete with; a virtual army of hackers endeavors to destroy what you’ve created with an array of security dangers to your mobile apps. From stealing customer data to hacking your servers, your app exposes you and your users to a seemingly infinite array of threats.

The Current State of Mobile App Security and Our Predictions on How it Will Improve in 2017

Your mobile apps are under near-constant attack from more people than you might realize: mischievous adolescent hackers who only want to see if it can be done; terrorists looking to undermine our nation’s largest businesses; local and foreign criminals eager to steal your information and your credit cards. The list is seemingly endless, and constantly growing. Mobile app security trends and predictions can save your business.

98% of Mobile Apps Are Not Secure: Hidden Risks and What You Need to Know

98% of mobile apps aren’t secured against hacking threats. 75% fail even the most basic security tests, and 96% can easily be reverse engineered. Let that sink in for a moment. That means that almost all of the apps on the market today directly threaten the financial, emotional, and even physical well-being of their users. For app developers, this presents a dire warning: secure your apps now, or place your customers in danger, thereby losing their business and your reputation.

7 Mobile Application Security Testing Tools

Mobile application security experts detect hundreds of threats per hour, with more than 6,000 per hour coming from China alone. Shockingly, for the first time in human history, there are now more mobile devices than there are people living on Earth. Consumers also spend 87% of their phone time using mobile apps, creating plenty of opportunities for security breaches.

What is Mobile App Security?

Every industry is rapidly realizing the incredible benefits that mobile apps provide. At the same time, this realization could result in dangerous dilemmas. Mobile apps are an extremely smart and beneficial addition to your company/organization, but failing to set up security for them at the same time is the same as offering your business’s delicate material out on a silver platter with a sign that says, “take advantage of me, I’m wide open and ripe for the picking.”

7 Facts About Mobile Security Your Business Should Know

We all know there are some real vultures out there. Every time the good guys come up with a new way to protect us, they swoop in and immediately find a counter attack. No one is invincible to their game. 56% of the top 100 paid apps for Apple IOS have been hacked. The fact that the average person carries most of their life around in their mobile device makes that number incredibly daunting.

Mobile security startup Seworks raises $8.2 million from SoftBank, Qualcomm, Samsung, others

Seworks, a mobile security startup that serves to protect apps from hacks, has raised $8.2 million in a Series A round from SoftBank Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, Samsung Ventures, Smilegate Investment, and Wonik Investment Partners.

Founded out of San Francisco in 2013 by a “globally famous” team of white-hat hackers, Seworks’ main customer-facing brand is actually AppSolid, a product that developers use to scan and diagnose any vulnerabilities within their apps and to monitor the security status in real time.

How The Flood of Mobile Apps Pose Growing Security Threats

There's an app for everything. From monitoring health to scanning documents, and with options to play, work, and communicate in every imaginable fashion, consumers are gobbling apps up like candy. These apps are a growing security threat to businesses, consumers, and even to app developers themselves.

How to Secure Mobile Apps Using the Best Anti-Hacking Software

Seventy-three percent of Americans have been victims of some form of cyber crime. Ninety percent of businesses fell prey to some form of hacking in the last year. Developers, consumers, and law enforcement are in a perpetual battle with cyber criminals. And the good guys are losing. Even mobile apps that appear to be secure are often more vulnerable than developers think.

Why Your Mobile App May Not be as Secure as You Think

The average consumer spends nearly three hours a day on mobile devices, with 86% of that time devoted to mobile apps. This provides plenty of opportunities for security threats to attack consumers' identities, bank accounts, and privacy. Yet less than half of app development companies security test each app they build, and 33% never test any apps at all.

9 Enterprise Mobile Security Best Practices

Mobile technology has made life infinitely more convenient in recent years, and yet, this phenomenon brings with it a set of challenges all its own. Principal among them is the heightened need for comprehensive security measures to keep users’ information and activity safe from prying eyes.

Mobile App Security Tips: 5 Ways to Secure Your Mobile App Today

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, consumers are spending more and more of their time connected to the world through mobile technology. The convenience of having these handheld devices on hand to surf the internet, communicate with loved ones and conduct business have contributed greatly to the proliferation of mobile apps.